Why US?

Blue Star Steel

Blue Star Steel is a pioneer in the development and production of revolutionary, integrated steel framing solutions for residential and light commercial construction. By Driving the convergence of a powerful resource with innovative technologies, and superior quality with equally superior value, Blue Star Steel is doing nothing short of redefining how the world can – and should- be built. Our vision of leading the construction industry to a dynamic new level is daring, to be sure. But, then again, breakthrough ideas often are. Put simply, Blue Star Steel is smart – very smart – business. And no company is more passionate about putting smarts to work for you than ours.

Introducing the future today

Steel framing has been available for residential and light commercial construction for years without great success – largely for reason of assembly, difficulty and cost-inefficiency. We aim to change all that with Blue Star Steel, an integrated steel framing system offering nearly limitless customization, faster setup, faster production, and faster installing in a single, ‘turnkey’ solution.

Blue Star Steel reflects the most up-to-the-second innovations in structural engineering, safety and design. From input to output, we navigate a completely digital, thoroughly integrated process that is light years ahead of what’s currently being done. In face, our steal structures outperform anything the building industry has ever seen In terms of design flexibility manufacturing precision, speed, fit, finish, strength and durability. Blue Star Steel is all about the best in quality, value and service. Without question, it is the smart choice for commercial developers, owners, builders, engineers, architects, homeowners – and the environment.

Global responsibility: Building solutions for tomorrow

Blue Star Steel is committed to developing environmentally and socially responsible answers to the world’s housing and light commercial construction needs – one well-built structure at a time. Blue Star Steel building solutions are the environmentally intelligent response to growth. How so? Let’s examine the facts: steel is a sustainable resource, fully recyclable, commonly available and considerably underutilized. Moreover, it is resistant to fire, termites, fungals and mold. Steel also provides greater durability and lower total life-cycle costs than wood. Equally critical, it does not deplete natural resources. For example, framing an average size home in wood requires the destruction of 40 to 50 trees. The same home framed in steel? Just six recycled cars. Needless to say, Blue Star Steel is committed to steel – not only because of what it accomplishes but what it protects. In keeping with our ongoing mission to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we do business, Blue Star Steel is proud to participate in initiatives such as Project Impact, a partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other organizations to develop more disaster-resistant structure. To promote public safety and awareness of the power of storms (while showcasing Blue Star Steel’s resistance to 140MPH winds)